Kurt Herrmann - Art
Itty and BittyItty and BittyBitty - Detail 2Bitty - Detail 1Itty - Detail 2Itty - Detail 1Squares of Light installed at the 
Williamsport Community Theater.  
2015-2016 season.Here Come the PeepersMr. and Mrs. PrickleMrs. PrickleDetail:  Mrs. PrickleMr. PrickleDetail:  Mr. PrickleWolf MoonDetail:  Wolf MoonNight Owldetail: Night OwlNymphsdetail:  NymphsAuroraAurora - detailAqua HiveDetail:  Aqua HiveAqua Hive with Virgin Falls installedPistol MoonDetail:  Pistol MoonCacti TiggerDetail:  Cacti TiggerCerebral BurdockDetail:  Cerebral Burdockat Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworksat Elk Creek Cafe and AleworksMay StingerDetail:  May StingerEmergerDetail:  EmergerCerebral Burdock, May Stinger, EmergerZee Fire TeethDetail:  Zee Fire TeethBumble Mantis, Zee Fire Teeth and Fire
Ants installedPoppy StrataDetail:  Poppy Strata6 Panel Squares of Light in studio Back To the YucatanDetail:  Back To The YucatanSky Swatterdetail:  Sky SwatterThistle HeartDetail:  Thistle HeartNessyDetail:  NessyRocket # 9detail:  Rocket # 9Here Come the PeepersDetail:  Here Come the Peepers
Squares of Light
I see these as color field comic books that are open ended with no beginning or end, but still tell a story or make a sound that is complete. The colors are usually created very slowly by laying down many thin washes of paint. Little by little the colors begin to resonate and lately I’ve been adding burn marks made with a butane torch and other burning tools. I can focus more on the arc of a line instead of worrying about stinking up and burning down the house.