Kurt Herrmann - Art
The Pine WhaleSwissdale is On FireUp Through the SnowUp Through the Snow - detailAutumnal Ninny NovemberlandThe Finches Made Me Do ItDetail:  The Finches Made Me Do ItThe Five Moons of MarchThe Five Moons of March - detailMountain Talk 2 ( The Road Up Your Nose )Babochka  ( Butterfly )Detail - BabochkaScorcherScorcher - detailThe Shortest DayDetail:  The Shortest DaySugar Valley MazurkaSugar Valley Mazurka - detailKatydidDetail:  KatydidThe Road to My HouseDetail:  The Road to My HouseMay Sleeps With JuneDetail:  May Sleeps With JuneMay Sleeps with June Moos in the BreezeDetail: Moos in the BreezeIce PulseDetail :  Ice PulseThe Hips of MayThe Hills Fall DownHawk SnappyDetail:  Hawk SnappyPassing ShowerOctober Still Has WingsBefore the Hills Turn OrangeBilly's White ElephantCalling CrocusTerra FlaraVirgin FallsFollow The LupinesBlue AcresIndigo PointApril Thunder
Kolinsky Mamas
Kolinsky Mamas and Snapshots require my eyes to focus more on what is happening outside than what is happening on the paper. It’s my version of jazz rendered in color. They are notions and inclinations chased down and laid bare in paint.