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The Fruit of Sugar Valley
July, 2016 Chicago
" The Fruit of Sugar Valley "
Firecat Projects - Chicago, IL
July 2016
Press release from Firecat Projects:

Kurt Herrmann is a painter from the hills of Appalachia in central Pennsylvania who does both figurative and abstract work but above all is a colorist at heart. This show “The Fruit of Sugar Valley” documents the 10 years he’s lived in the lush and isolated Sugar Valley - “ It’s inhabited by Amish and rednecks, but has pockets of insanely creative wonderful people all enveloped by the mountains on both sides. Nature is king around here.” The work is divergent and dissimilar, but also inescapably connected to one another and always united by color.

Herrmann has exhibited nationally and internationally since graduating from Lock Haven University in 1995. He’s shown at Yard Dog Gallery, Austin TX, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia PA, The Cleveland International Airport, The Omaha Museum of Art, Shoom Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia, and The Baikmin Museum of Bosung Gun, in South Korea. This is his third time back at Firecat, but this is his solo debut.