Kurt Herrmann - Art
Amish Tobacco - front viewAmish Tobacco - left viewAmish Tobacco - detailLightbrights at Firecat Projects - Chicago , USA, 2016Mid MayDetail :  Mid MayDingbat Gold - left viewDingbat Gold - right viewDetail - Dingbat GoldThe Milky Woo - left viewThe Milky Woo - detailThe Milky Woo - front viewJitterbug - left viewJitterbug - detailJitterbug - front view"Turtle Tracks" - right view"Turtle Tracks" - detail 1"Turtle Tracks" front view"Bus Echo" - right view"Bus Echo""Bus Echo" - detailBackdoor Ravenna Backdoor Ravenna - right viewBackdoor Ravenna - detailBen Day Boogiedetail:  Ben Day BoogieBubble Gum SunOctober PolkaHarvest - left viewdetail:  HarvestBurning Fog - right viewBurning Fog - left viewLightbrights installed at Wagner College
Staten Island, NY 2013LIghtbrights Installed at Wagner College,
Staten Island, NY    2013Lightbrights installed at Wagner College,
Staten Island, NY  2013Piggly Wiggly Goes To Towndetail:  Piggly Wiggly Goes To TownStrawberry Sun - front viewStrawberry Sun - left viewStrawberry Moon - right viewStrawberry Moon - left viewPitter Patterdetail:  Pitter PatterDog DaysStrawberry Moon, Ben Day Boogie, Strawberry SunCosmic Debris No.1detail:  Cosmic Debris No.1Cosmic Debris No.2detail:  Cosmic Debris No.2Fire Antsdetail:  Fire AntsBumble Mantis, Zee Fire Teeth, and Fire Ants installedSylvan Carnivaldetail:  Sylvan CarnivalMaple Fire - right viewdetail:  Maple Fire
Simply put I’m trying to distill the seasons, light and landscape down to absolute color and take them into the unknown. Usually when I paint there is the constant urge to go off the rails and abandon all that I’ve been working on. There are infinite options at all times. Part of the art is in the restraint. This series is different. It has a personal logic that is methodical that plods steadily along towards an unknown, yet inevitable resolution. It’s rooted in the language of color. I have to find a home for each stroke to form the whole. I’m looking for the colors to resonate as one body – to produce whole notes by playing many little notes.