Kurt Herrmann - Art
Alpine TangoHerm Studio - Summer 2019.Studio - Summer 2019.Gold Rush and Bluefin Sunset in studio.Bluefin Sunset and Midnight Hornet
in studio.Works in progress - August 2019Studio - August 2019
Prior to shows at James Oliver Gallery
and Sozo Gallery."Bumble Jackpot"
studio February 2019Studio July 2019"Mongo" in studio
March 2019Studio - April 2018.The Sounds of August and Naxos  in the studio - September 2018.Sounds of August and Marlin in studio - September 2018.January - " Moscow Flamer" , "Tokyo Mokyo" and work in progress.January 2018 - Color Bombs in progressJanuary 2018 - "Tokyo Mokyo" and "Night Owl"Arbutus Studio. July, 2017.  Working on Color Bomb show for Anala Art in Sydney.November 2017 - Color Bombs.  Left is "Night Owl".  Right is nearly finished and untitled.  One of the working titles is " X-Ray Putin ".July 2017" Pollenator " still in progress. November 2017.Still from the Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks shoot.  Photo by Dave Metty.
Winter 2016.  This orange ground became 
" The Ivory Stasche ".  See next photo.