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Night Hatch
Night Hatch
acrylic on canvas
48x48" (120x120 cm)

"Night Hatch" - I wanted to make a night painting of the woods because after dark it turns into a completely different world than during the day. It's the only time I hear or see certain animals and there's always plenty of intrigue as to what exactly is happening out in the dark. More lightning bugs, moths pounding my studio windows, night birds and owls calling, claws scraping and scrambling on the bark, and plenty of action that happily remains a mystery.

Part of the Color Bombs With Wings series. This series evolved from my Color Bomb series, but now instead of abstract forms that may hint at the natural world these shapes take on identifiable and representational elements that spring from the forest outside my studio in the Appalachian Mountains. I was born and raised here and the landscape, colors, animals, trees, and all that is alive in these mountains is woven into everything I do. My studio is on the second floor up in the trees and I have a birds-eye view of the arboreal world and everything above and below. This series taps into that world and brings it out of the woods and onto the canvas.