Kurt Herrmann - Art
No Pants On the Poop Deck ( Avon, NC )Moon Tongue ( Avon, NC #10 )Avon Raven ( Avon, NC # 9 )Duney Doo-Do ( Avon, NC #3 )Hatteras Breather ( Avon, NC #6 )Hello Riptide ( Avon, NC #2 )Land Lubber ( Avon, NC #1 )Evaporated Barefoot ( Avon, NC #5 )Moontime ( Avon, NC #7 )Daffodil LouieDew WanderersPussy Ghosts" Looking East From Swissdale - Nov. 2016 "The Headstand Pixie Cannot Be CaughtAfter the Whip Poor Will Goes to BedUnder the Luna MothNight BearsEgg Layers and Eaters in AprilBuggers in the May TreesStorm Movin in from Brush ValleyLock Haven from LockportJune Full TiltFlapping in the PinesAfter the BiteCrow EchoOh My Buggy" Sweet Air in the Cruelest Month "" The Crick is Up "Back to the WoodsMoon CornSounds of SummerSummer On a StringMy Green LegSee Thru PantsB Fly HighwayHot TowelCat PatrolJuly GustsBassland - Crane Lake 2014Blackstone - Crane Lake 2014First Cast - Crane Lake 2014The River Sticks - Crane Lake 2014First Light - Crane Lake 2014Soft Water- Crane Lake 2014Snapshots framed in walnut
Snapshots are my version of jazz rendered in color. Painted outside, the sounds, smells, and weather are as big a player as what I pick up with my eyes. Notions and hunches are chased down and laid bare in the fragile paint that slips into the paper. There is a bombardment of information and the art is in trying to extract from the pile of sensations some kind of order that resonates for that split second.