Kurt Herrmann - Art
Khatchaturian ThreadsKhatchaturian ThreadsKhatchaturian Threads - detailKhatchaturian Threads - detailAthenian Tik TakAthenian Tik Tak - right viewAthenian Tik Tak - detailAppalachian KraterAppalachian Krater - DetailAppalachian Krater - left viewAppalachian Krater - DetailSet of 9 Burlaps installed in Charlotte, NC.
Each 15 x 19 3/4"Crosseyed PisaCrosseyed PisaCrosseyed Pisa - detailBurlaps in studio with Cherry Bomb on left.Tuxedo CrawdadTuxedo Crawdad - detailTuxedo CrawdadFuzzy UrnyFuzzy Urny - DetailFifi de la Mer and Fuzzy UrnyFifi De La MerProtozoan MotelProtozoan Motel - detailSanguine Sally and Grasshopper TangoSanguine SallySanguine Sally - DetailGrasshopper TangoGrasshopper Tango - DetailTelepathic FelineTelepathic FelineTelepathic Feline - DetailVenus of PullcatVenus of Pullcat - detailPrickle Prickle Prickle - detailPrickle - right viewNeuro FrayerNeuro Frayer - detailBlazerBlazer - Detail

Burlap is historically a very utilitarian material. I can’t help but always think of a sack of potatoes. It’s been used as sandbags to resist rising flood waters, camouflage, landscaping, and even as the final hood on one condemned to a beheading. Nothing overly sophisticated. But for an artist this invites a freedom to stretch, unravel, cut, burn, and slice the material in ways I might not if it was an expensive Belgian linen. The fact that it is burlap influences how I feel, think, and work long before the brushes start pushing paint. When I begin one of these paintings I’m starting with something extremely crude and fragile. My goal is to methodically chip away bit by bit until something refined and unexpected appears. There is a thrill in turning something common into something elegant, soulful and fun.