Kurt Herrmann - Art
Crosseyed PisaCrosseyed Pisa - detailBurlaps in studio with Cherry Bomb on left.Tuxedo CrawdadTuxedo Crawdad - detailTuxedo CrawdadFuzzy UrnyFuzzy Urny - DetailFifi de la Mer and Fuzzy UrnyFifi De La MerSanguine Sally and Grasshopper TangoSanguine SallySanguine Sally - DetailGrasshopper TangoGrasshopper Tango - DetailTelepathic FelineTelepathic FelineTelepathic Feline - DetailVenus of PullcatVenus of Pullcat - detailInterstellar ItchInterstellar ItchInterstellar Itch - detailOak StaticOak StaticOak Static - detailOak Static - right viewTickled RoadkillBlazerBlazer - Detail
Burlap is historically a very utilitarian material. I can’t help but always think of a sack of potatoes. It’s been used as sandbags to resist rising flood waters, camouflage, landscaping, and even as the final hood on one condemned to a beheading. Nothing overly sophisticated. But for an artist this invites a freedom to stretch, unravel, cut, burn, and slice the material in ways I would not if it was an expensive, Belgian linen. The fact that it is burlap influences how I feel, think, and work long before the brushes start pushing paint.