Kurt Herrmann - Art
BlissidiotsBaby SnakesBaby Snakes - detailThorny CloudsDetail:  Hello KittyHello KittyThe StickThe Stick - detailHilly Lickers ( Space Puke - Part I )Let it Come DownDetail - Let it Come DownRed RainDetail - Red RainBurning DingoThe Goon and the DoomedThe Goon and the Doomed - detailJust Another Walk in the WoodsJust Another Walk in the Woods - detailTalk To the DuckTalk to the Duck  - detailHeadfruitDetail:  HeadfruitDeep LoveDetail:  Deep Love" Piggy Danced the Best When She was Naked "" Nightbus "Night of the Golden PantiesDetail:  Night of the Golden PantiesAppalachian OperaDetail:  Appalachian OperaIt Went Down In SharktownDetail - It Went Down In SharktownHomesick BluesTufftownDetail - TufftownJohnnyEl Tres De Augusto ( For Goya )It Happened in the HayWoody Rides AgainEli and The CrowThe RutCome To Me Black DoggyCome To Me Black Doggy - side viewWhistlin DixieThe House of Reward192Barndoor BuckerBess and EschBobby Double ( El Camino )Gad ZooksInterbreeders Snowtire Maiden
It Came From The Valley
These paintings are my vehicle to poke around the hills and valleys where I live, and see what pops up. I’m riffing on the landscape, the inhabitants – and myself. Sometimes what I stumble upon is real, sometimes invented – it doesn’t really matter. The paintings are real. The rest is a mystery.