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"Wizard of the Saddle"Yard Dog Gallery, Austin TX
Blockhead II show, April 2014
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Part of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch
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Part of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch
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Initially I found a box of partially sanded childrens play blocks at the Amish store for ten cents apiece. Without a definite plan I painted one of the blocks bright red and started George Washington. By the time I had finished his nose I knew I had to paint them all. Since painting all the Presidents I’ve painted astronauts, boxers, baseball players, jazz musicians, cowboys, bandits, Civil War generals, World leaders – whatever floats through my studio and takes root. I’m not confined to it, but portraits from the past are always a little visually funny to me – the hats, wigs, haircuts, facial hair, the space suits! Because these are small works they become a stream of consciousness that I can work through at a good clip, and only when I’m done with an entire series do I see where I’ve been.

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